Different Types of Essays: Definition and Persuasive Essays.

There exist so many different types of essays and two the most popular types are definition and persuasive. In this article you will find the main differences of these types of essays.

Definition Essay
As the name depicts a definition essay is meant to define any concept, term, or word, etc. In order to provide the reader with the meaning in-depth of a certain subject which cannot be defined accordingly an ordinary man.

This might be confusing for an essay writer as to what can there be which cannot be defined. So a simple reply to this is a general discussion that certain things have a physical existence like plants, trees, animals, humans, etc. They, not only have a physical existence, but these things also are agreed upon universally of having specific physical properties and their uses. However certain other things that do not exist physically are still there like human feelings of fear, love, pain patriotism, etc. They do not hold the same meaning for each individual. Such other terms like those above are called abstract terms as they rely more upon individual feelings rather than their physical sense.

This is where the function of the definition essay starts by providing an extended personal definition and this all is done by creating links and comparisons with the preceding definition and by presenting and applying the manner of the most appropriate use of the term.

In other words, it can be said that definition essays relate to terms that abstract depending more upon the person’s point of view rather than defining such terms that are already definite and concrete enough.

Writing a definition essay is a three-step process whereby the writer initially helps the reader to identify the term which is being defined, to put forth clear and most basic information, and help the reader in better understanding and keep his interest in the writing using examples, facts or anecdotes whichever suites the most appropriate in the circumstances of the case.

Persuasive Essay
A persuasive essay or in other words a kind of argumentative essay is an essay that is usually written to convince the reader. Although it seems a little bit weird that convincing the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view is something in common in every kind of essay, so the question that would arise in a normal reader’s mind is that why this classification has been made. A simple answer to that is that it is never held imperative for an essay to be holding something to which the reader should be targeted to agree with there are certainly other kinds like narrative essay, definition essay, etc.

Remember that it is always easier to persuade people if you feel really determined about something, so choose a topic that you are confident in. Some popular topics are: mothers that work, divorcing and its effect, the role of services that provide dissertation help in the life of modern students, human cloning, etc. Still, if you cannot find really interesting persuasive essay topics, you can always count on our professional and timely help.

While writing a persuasive essay certain points should be focused upon like the facts, sharing values, the strength of the argument to be accepted unanimously, and the conclusion to make the reader think to adopt the writer’s mind.

A good persuasive essay demands technical thinking that includes the tactics to tackle and establish facts that would be supporting the argument, clarification of writer’s perspective, arranging and them in a sequence of priority to build an argument and the most important of all “the confidence” to communicate whatever the writer is trying to convince the reader upon rather it would be better to call it writer’s self-confidence and the confidence upon his work and conclusion.

It is the writer’s technique how he triggers the hot buttons of the issue while writing a persuasive essay i.e. assesses the emotional value and the possible reaction of a particular individual or community towards an issue as a support for his argument.
In short what keeps a persuasive essay alive is a combination of several factors like following the active voice, source quotations for strong support, focus on such logical arguments, and staying firm on the point throughout the essay.

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